Alice in Wonderland

For the last 5 issues I have been producing sets of four illustrations at a time for a respected Japanese femdom magazine called “Goddess love”(女神の愛). I got to know the editor via Twitter. Somehow or other despite speaking different languages we communicated well and have enjoyed a very fruitful relationship. I’ll show some other series later but for now I just wanted to show the most recent – The Alice in Wonderland set. There really was only one Mistress in London to model for this – Alice Malice who feels such an close connection with the book. I approached her last year and she said she’d be delighted to pose. I worked on them all over Christmas. They were in fact a joy to produce as I had such a clear conception of “Femdom Alice”. I looked at the first illustrations by Sir John Tenniel and tried to keep closely to the way he had depicted the story. Rather than any luridly trashy fashion you might find for party wear I wanted her dress to be classic and simple, but added to that short black gloves and ankle boots to give it a kinky powerful edge. Moreover the watercolour style gives it that traditional old-fashioned look. I didn’t know it but this year is the 150th anniversary of the book’s publication so it was an apt choice of subject matter. I hope Lewis Carroll would approve – if not, at least forgive. So these are the resulting paintings…

Alice in the woods teaches the 5 of spades a lesson.
Alice takes over the mushroom from he caterpillar and enjoys the hookah.
Alice teases the little man at the bottom of the glass table with the little box suggestively marked “Eat Me”.
Alice climbs up on the table and the Mad Hatter prepares the teapot!


One of many  initial sketches – planning is very important for watercolour painting as you cannot make changes very easily so for every painting there are lots of initial sketches- most of which are never seen. If you live in Japan you can buy the present issue -No 8 – from Amazon. Sadly the magazine cannot be bought overseas.


 Update May 2016

The “Kinky Alice” look is now a new cosplay! The same magazine has now commissioned a photo-shoot of famous Japanese actress Aoi Shino (碧しの)dressed in similar costume as Femdom Alice. I look forward to seeing the full set in the coming months.


March 2017

Dominatrix and cosplayer Princess Aurora was also generous enough to give her time and effort to dress as Femdom Alice. She definitely looks the part. Her classic English looks seem to promise a wonderland of naughtiness behind her innocent gaze.

See Alice in Wonderland series 2

8 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland

  1. Alice Malice is the perfect choice!

    I can’t recall where I came across it, but sometime back in the early 90s, I came across a full page magazine advert (for Doc Martens, I think – or some such similar brand of footwear) which was a line drawing of Alice in the classic style, except she was frowning and looking decidely mean whilst blowing the smoke from the barrel of a large magnum type handgun, standing with one (aptly Doc Marten booted) foot resting on the back of the white rabbit, who was lying on the floor, wearing a tweed jacket. He’d clearly having been shot right between the eyes and so stopped dead in his tracks, with pocket watch still in hand.

    I don’t find Docs the slightest bit erotic, but the image as a whole was awesome, and so I had it pinned on my bedroom wall for a very long time (probably the closest thing to a Femdom pin-up which I could get away with at that age!)


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