The first portrait of Mistress Ezada

This was the first ever portrait of the beautiful Romanian mistress


It was commissioned by that rare individual – the one who actually paid attention to what his Mistress wants.

While others were giving her what they thought she wanted…chocolates, wine, etc. or were giving her what they wanted…Victoria’s Secret lingerie, crazy high-heels, etc., “frank” listened to his Mistress and understood her hints.

A couple of years ago Mistress Ezada came to London and though we had arranged to meet and see some of the sights, in the event it rained all day and we ended up sitting in cafés. In the course of a far-ranging and remarkably pleasant chat I made two sketches of her.



She expressed her pleasure publicly at receiving these and ‘frank’ used his initiative to commission a full-size watercolour portrait of her as a surprise Christmas present. When he presented it to her the reaction was all he could have hoped.

 “In fact her face lit like the sun when she discovered what it was. She studied every detail  and wanted to know everything about the creation process. For me it was one of the happiest moments I ever had and I really want to thank you for this.”

Of course that encouraged the two other portraits already featured:-

Portrait of Mistress Ezada 1

Portrait of Mistress Ezada 2

Portrait of Mistress Ezada with single-tail whip

Isn’t there lady in your life who would love a unique Sardax portrait?

Learn more about Sardax portraiture here

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