Portrait of Mistress Darcy 1


This portrait of New York and London Mistress Darcy was something of a challenge -it had to be handled tastefully. She counts what is euphemistically called “Water Sports” as one of her specialities and the commissioner wanted a scene depicting this but not crudely rendered. As is usual with much of my work I decided to show the scene by suggestion – the setting makes it clear what is to happen and the fact that this a place which males would use adds a piquant sense of sex reversal. Together with one leg thrust forward in thigh boots, Mistress Darcy looks totally in control – the slave beneath (an approximate portrait of the commissioner ) can only await his fate. Or perhaps she is merely teasing and will simply press the flush?

Portrait of Mistress Darcy 2

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2 thoughts on “Portrait of Mistress Darcy 1

  1. Hi Sardax:

    This portrait of Mistress Darcy is a truly beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it! I am sincerely thrilled that you have started your own blog and are posting regular updates. To say I am a big fan of your brilliant work is an understatement to say the very least! 🙂

    Warm Regards,


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