Other World Kingdom

It’s impossible for the femdom devotee not to have seen something of OWK* on the Net. From photos and videos all over the Net we are all by now very well-acquainted with the white walls of the palace exterior, the endless wooden-floored corridors and the vast halls with leather-clad ladies and their devoted naked slaves. Decent folk like yourself will probably have bought a membership to their website. Some might even have stayed for a holiday or attended the events participating in the occasional festivals. Anyone under 30 will hardly remember when it did not exist – it seems so long now since they started.

I remember my first contact was when I had come into the offices of Zeitgeist (one of the better femdom magazines at the time and only running for a few issues) somewhere round 1997 and was told there was a package for me. I opened a heavy envelope to find a beautifully produced book and a selection of well printed colour magazines with an accompanying letter explaining who they were and a description of their castle and vast complex of surrounding buildings.


It was extraordinary to see something so lavishly crafted coming from a country which had only recently thrown off the shackles of communism, and from someone totally unknown in the West. I asked around the people I knew – like Skin Two – if they knew anything about them. They too had received a package but were none the wiser. I was hesitant to make contact at first when I was commissioned to produce a number of watercolours for their magazine  and thereafter a few black and white line drawings. But all went through without any complications though I did not form any close association either; our negotiations were straightforward but formal. There was talk of murals for a room but that never realised.



Sadly I never had the opportunity to go there myself but enjoyed hearing the adventures of others who did. After some years of an uncertain future I believe the premises itself is no longer functioning but the website is still in existence.

Find out more at owk.cz

*It has been remarked often how inappropriate the name seemed-Other World Queendom would have been more suitable?


A version of the OWK drawing was cleverly executed in photography by TommyO photographic maestro of Los Angeles featuring -from behind – Mistress Alexia Jordon=

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Forever Stuttgart, Forever Sardax



I am sure I will write in more depth in future but for now just a few words and images to whet the appetite.

I am guessing that readers of this blog will know by now that last week saw Madame Catarina joining forces with Mistress Ezada Sinn, Lady Victoria Valente and Mistress Akella to recreate Sardax’s Gag Shop in Stuttgart. As well as this momentous photo shoot there were a host of double Dom sessions and several movies made. Links to the movies will be posted when they are available.

My heartfelt thanks go to all the mistresses involved and of course  to my owner and Mistress, Madame Catarina for allowing me to serve her and for making me so completely her property and slave.

There are more images on all the ladies twitter and facebook pages and don’t forget Madame Catarina’s movies are available to download at

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Snake portraits

It happens occasionally that one portrait will lead directly to another commission. This portrait of iconic London muse Laylah explored the theme of a Snake Goddess overlooking a pit of males intertwined with snakes.


When Mistress Kelle Martina saw this she was very interested in being portrayed as the Goddess and a commissioner kindly stepped forward to make her dream come true. It was not an exact copy, though the resulting portrait was similar most obviously being this time in colour. Instead of the wand she now teases one of the snakes with her fingers and the number of males has been reduced to concentrate more on the Goddess herself.


Here is Mistress Kelle receiving the portrait as a Christmas present in 2014.


Which do I prefer?  Neither – the subject in both is beautiful in her own way and the paintings developed according to different inspiration.

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Portrait of Lady Velvet

Closeup logo

The charming Lady Velvet approached me recently for a custom portrait to grace her new website. In a similar way to “Instead of a photo” she prefers not to show photos directly and wanted a more illustrative approach. She wished to show some specific ideas , e.g.  that she was London-based, and was interested in being mistress to both sexes and all races. After some discussion we decided on a evening scene by the river Thames showing St Paul’s cathedral in the background. At her feet are shown a white girl and black male, looking up at her voluptuous form.

Fullpicture logo

This portrait was made as a black and white line illustration which was then coloured up digitally. I prefer not to colour line drawings conventionally as it weakens the pen-line. This is also a more affordable option than a full watercolour.

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