Leg Show

Leg Show was my first regular femdom illustration work, sustained over a period of 5 to 6 years and allowing me to develop my art in a way which had not been possible in previous publications. I was introduced to the editor, the legendary Dian Hanson, by one of her writers – an  author of femdom erotica with the preposterous pseudonym Titian Beresford (like I can talk!). I had read his work in some paperback novels and I had struck up a friendly correspondence with him.

Pre-email our business would be conducted by phone and the trusty fax. Dian would call me every other month or so, briefly explaining in her husky drawl the story she wished me to illustrate. Then followed the fax, spewing out the manuscript 15-20 pages long for me to read and over the next few days I’d draft out a rough on paper, fax that back to her, then she would phone back to let me know how she felt. (Thank heavens for today’s email attachments and phone pix!)

My first illustration for “Leg Show”- The Butler

Once the artwork was produced -conventionally of course, no digital art then – it would be couriered via Fedex to land on her desk 5 days later and just hope it was all ok -there was no luxury of just fixing a little digitally. Later to reduce costs I might get a transparency made and mail that off instead of the artwork itself.

At that time Irv O’Neil was writing under the name Neil Wexler and I was sent some of his stories to illustrate, though at that time I had little idea he’d be the media sensation he is these days. He has written his own impressions of Leg Show days on his site and you can find out more about his range of femdom ebooks.

One of numerous collaborations with Neil Wexler aka Irv O’Neil- “Punishing the pornographer”

This fruitful relationship with Leg Show lasted until the turn of the century and Dian’s departure. Once she had left I thought it was time to move on myself and the magazine did not survive that much longer once the popularity of free pirated media on the Net seriously started to erode the printed magazine market. In retrospect Leg Show was at its peak at that period and I look back on the time with pleasure, feeling fortunate to have been a part of it .

Christmas issue -“Korean tennis players”



6 thoughts on “Leg Show

  1. I don’t know about “media sensation” but I certainly did get the chance to recount some of my writerly exploits thanks to some good interviewers! I thought I saw this post before but maybe I didn’t because I probably would have commented & liked! And speaking of like, that Korean tennis player collage is…right up my alley!

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  2. I’ve always loved “The Butler” but didn’t know it was from Leg Show. I wonder what issue it was, and was there a story to go along with it?


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