Mistress Couple and Master R


This portrait was a special gift commissioned by a slave to Mistress Couple (right) of La Domaine Esemar in the U.S. to celebrate the transfer of management from Master R (left). They stand in the gardens of the Domaine and he symbolically passes a ceremonial whip to her as she touches him in loving respect for the gift.

This is an unusual portrait as not only does it feature two main characters of equal stature, it is also one of the few artworks I’ve made of a dominant male. I paint portraits of dominant women in the main but I am also quite happy to consider commissions featuring dominant men and female submissives too.

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Portrait of Mistress Angelica


Portrait of Australian Mistress Angelica (now retired). A simple commission of his mistress from a stockings and shoes worshipper (a leg-man) Unusually drawn in pencil -most line art is drawn in pen. The sign is an allusion to “Abercrombie St” -where is situated the oldest house of domination in Sydney –the Kastle.

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Portrait of Mistress Venus

mistress_venusMistress Venus is one of the legendary mistresses – the more mature of us may recall photos of her in the famous book of photography by Doris Kloster.

mistressvenus_kloster Mistress Venus photographed by Doris Kloster

I was pleased that my client, a slave of Mistress Venus for 20+ years, wished to give this unusually shaped portrait to her as a present. His brief was quite detailed but straightforward.
The client to the left in maid’s costume kneels with a gift of Louboutins on a tray with a Latin inscription meaning “always obedient”.
Another used and scuffed high heel is pressed and tightly attached to his head.
Mistress Venus is in a tightly fitting warden’s uniform and pulls him towards her on a leash. She wears Louboutin’s of course, too.
On a small table to the side, her used stockings tumble out of a box designated for the client.
The unusual circular form was requested by the client. It was not a problem to paint in such a shape but it may be a challenge for the framer.
I understand that Mistress Venus was very pleased with this present.

Portrait of Mistress Venus 2

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Portrait of Mistress Morrigan Hel


Portrait of Mistress Morrigan Hel, commissioned by one of her devoted admirers. Mistress Morrigan wished to be personally involved with this portrait from the start and we discussed the subject matter together with her personal servant who commissioned it.
She is here depicted flying like a spirit through the dark primeval woods populated by strange looking trees. Her hair is in flame and she carries a sword in one hand and chalice in the other, from which pours blood-red wine…or is that wine-red blood?

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Alice in Wonderland – Set 2

The first set of four illustrations of Alice in Wonderland for Japanese femdom magazine “Goddess love”(女神の愛) featured in this post was very well received. So as soon as it was published I started to think up more ideas. Brighton dominatrix Kountess von Kink graciously modelled as Alice (I had learnt while making the previous series she had long been a fan of the book and even played Alice in a school play.) The ideas did not flow as easily as the first set however and an adjustment was needed.

The two of spades acts as a title-board for the set while worshipping Alice’s boot.
At the Mad Hatter’s tea party again. She dangles that tea-soaked watch from her booted heel, while the Mad Hatter gazes up adoringly.
Alice rides a lobster through the sea

Why a lobster?

This illustration started as a single-page incorporating the griffon and the mock turtle vaguely indicated in the background, the reference being to the Lobster Quadrille.

The original single page rough before extension

The fourth was a rather weak idea about the croquet game. I felt that being the only watery piece it did not fit in with the other woodland ideas so rather than drop it (as I really liked the lobster concept) I extended the drawing into a double-page spread, eliminating the fourth painting and changed the scene from being in intimate contact to sitting on its back and riding it. Once I gave myself the extra space to develop it I felt sure I had made the right decision. Moreover, in a “what-the-hell” moment I simply abandoned the whole idea of including the mock-turtle and griffon as now irrelevant. Artistic licence or such.

I felt that after this I had exhausted the ideas in Alice in Wonderland but there was still ‘Alice through the looking-glass’ to consider and as I shall reveal in a forthcoming post, I tackled that in a rather different way…

If you live in Japan you can buy the present issue -No 9 – from Amazon.

Sadly the magazine cannot be bought overseas.