Portrait of Mistress Venus

mistress_venusMistress Venus is one of the legendary mistresses – the more mature of us may recall photos of her in the famous book of photography by Doris Kloster.

Mistress Venus photographed by Doris Kloster

I was pleased that my client, a slave of Mistress Venus for 20+ years, wished to give this unusually shaped portrait to her as a present. His brief was quite detailed but straightforward.
The client to the left in maid’s costume kneels with a gift of Louboutins on a tray with a Latin inscription meaning “always obedient”.
Another used and scuffed high heel is pressed and tightly attached to his head.
Mistress Venus is in a tightly fitting warden’s uniform and pulls him towards her on a leash. She wears Louboutin’s of course, too.
On a small table to the side, her used stockings tumble out of a box designated for the client.
The unusual circular form was requested by the client. It was not a problem to paint in such a shape but it may be a challenge for the framer.
I understand that Mistress Venus was very pleased with this present.

Portrait of Mistress Venus 2

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5 thoughts on “Portrait of Mistress Venus

    • Thank you – yes, I remember the book coming out too. There was little enough fetish photography out there at that time as it was and that was particularly impressive.


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