Portrait of Maitresse Renée


This portrait of Maitresse Renée  was commissioned by the “property “at her feet but was developed with her own input. The dog cages in the background actually exist at her dungeon in Dallas, Texas and the wording refers to her own weekend FemDom training event  True Desires.

Initial rough draft of the composition. This is usually the first sketch that a commissioning client will see. It’s not over detailed in case it’s the wrong direction entirely. In this case it was approved.

Learn more about Sardax portraiture and commissioning  here

Please remember if you are commissioning for a birthday to leave a few months as there is usually a waiting list for commissioned artwork.

2 thoughts on “Portrait of Maitresse Renée

  1. One of the most cherished items in my dungeon. I’ve admired your work for years but never thought one day I would have something as lovely and as real as this hanging in my dungeon. You did a fantastic job of capturing me as a Domme and the things I hold near and dear such as my True Desires event. Thank you so much for this and a big thank you to the slave that gifted it to me last year. ~Maitresse Renee

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