Portrait of Mistress Victoria


Portrait of Mistress Victoria commissioned by one of her devoted admirers.

Unusually this drawing has been made digitally – in a program called Corel Painter, imitating the soft flow of oil paints. This computer program allows for infinite changes without the bother of scraping back and reworking as in a conventional artwork, though it has no physical existence, apart from printouts. Many artists, renowned femdom artist Nanshakh -for example, only make digital artwork these days. I still usually prefer conventional art on paper though, with all its accompanying disadvantages.

Mistress Victoria is also an accomplished artist in her own right. Read her own blog post about this portrait.

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Portrait of Lady Lola


This portrait of Lady Lola shows the mistress on a high stool playing with adoring…well, what are they? frogs? demons? monsters?

The commissioner asked for males to be worshipping the boots but was happy – after a little discussion – to go along with my ideas for depicting more generally symbolic representations of male desire, with their long grasping tongues and testicular chins.

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Please remember if you are commissioning for a birthday to leave a few months as there is usually a waiting list for commissioned artwork.