Portrait of Mistress Shauna Ryanne


Christmas portrait of Mistress Shauna Ryanne of Las Vegas commissioned by two of her devoted admirers. Although they were in distant parts of the world from each other they collaborated on funding the portrait.
From that circumstance the theme of Mistress Ryanne’s power crossing the globe developed,  with her standing holding a chain linking them to her. Unusually this is also a back view, but no less attractive for that.

A4 Pen drawing with coloured pencil effect.

Learn more about Sardax portraiture and commissioning  here

Please remember if you are commissioning for a birthday to leave a few months as there is usually a waiting list for commissioned artwork.

3 thoughts on “Portrait of Mistress Shauna Ryanne

  1. Looking at the photos of the ladies and the portraits you made, brought to mind a thing that always puzzled me ever since a young man, when I looked at portraits by the great masters in galleries and museums: I asked myself, was she (or he) really like that, or what I’m looking at is the vision of the artist?
    Of course the right answer is the second option and the way you portray these fascinating ladies is the best exemplification of this. The vision a true artist has of the people and the world around him is not a graphic description of reality, but the way his mind and soul see things and that’s the exact opposite of the
    photographic camera, that represents the kind of obejective, neutral view we have when looking at another person.
    I think that’s the reason why those ladies look so splendid, so radiant. It’s not because you purposefully decide to make them appear more beautiful than the stark reality of the photo, but it’s because, as an artist, you see beyond the superficial aspect of the photo, that is, the true essence of that person, and in so doing, they appear more beautiful to our eyes, that try to compare the pics with the drawing…

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