Portrait of Mistress Amrita


Mistress Amrita is a very well-travelled Japanese mistress who is here depicted in a historical setting -perhaps a decadent scene from 1930’s Tokyo. Although she is wearing a traditional Chinese sheath dress (cheongsam) the setting of a screen and paper lamp makes it clear this is Japan. She sits on a wealthy businessman who has brought lots of money for her amusement. His amusement will only be the slashing of her whip which he now holds tightly in his mouth!

Learn more about Sardax portraiture and commissioning  at the main Sardax website

Please remember if you are commissioning for a birthday or anniversary to leave a few months as there is usually a waiting list for commissioned artwork.

3 thoughts on “Portrait of Mistress Amrita

  1. Been following you since last September and love all your drawings/paintings. The mistresses you depict are exotic and always beautifully dressed, just like ladies should be and so rarely are. I like you have been trained by a mistress , mine in Epsom now to my chagrin retired, it is a real pleasure to see your work I very much share your interests in Femdom. Thank you. Best regards David
    P.S always loved oriental ladies in a cheongsam wearing heels and carrying a whip. Ah well. Thanks again.

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