Portrait of Princess Sheridan


Princess Sheridan sits in a cool dark forest glade, having her feet worshipped by adoring slaves while in the background two others are fed by a bizarrely formed natural spring – what would that be? No matter, they venerate it in their devotion to her.

This portrait was unusually commissioned by a group of Princess Sheridan’s most loyal submissives who split the cost amongst themselves, with one acting as ‘paymaster’.

Princess Sheridan was delighted with the work and has posted a short video thanking her team for the gift.

Learn more about Sardax portraiture and commissioning  at the main Sardax website

Please remember if you are commissioning for a birthday or anniversary to leave a few months as there is usually a waiting list for commissioned artwork.

7 thoughts on “Portrait of Princess Sheridan

    Vous êtes Belle.
    Vous êtes le genre de Dame que je recherche à servir.
    Pour une femme Dame comme vous je quitterait tout,
    Et c est vrai


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