Portrait of Lady Ambrosia Noir


This portrait, in classic black-and-white watercolour, shows Australian Mistress Ambrosia (a devotee of anal play) in latex nurse costume, in front of a diabolical milking and insertion apparatus. A pause to pose for us then she will turn around to render added excitement to the sissified victims with the electric wand in her hands.

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Please remember if you are commissioning for a birthday or anniversary to leave a few months as there is usually a waiting list for commissioned artwork.

6 thoughts on “Portrait of Lady Ambrosia Noir

  1. What a wonderful milking parlour. Those plugs must be very useful towards the end of the milking cycle: gentle insertion and then strong vibration will ensure that the sissy maids are drained of their final drops of cream. The maids will be so empty that there will be no unsightly bulges during the working day, and the evening milking will mean that they sleep soundly, if a little sorely from the plugging they’ve received. That’s unless Lady Ambrosia doesn’t require one of them for a little night duty.

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  2. I love this picture, such an exciting scene! Your rendering of Lady Ambrosia Noir’s latex is captivating, accentuating her already gorgeous form – and she wears glasses like myself which is something I like to see in fetish art works. Nice to see those sissy maids being milked in the shadows so they do not steal any of the limelight from the Lady, truly the position they deserve.


  3. So wonderful to be given over to strong unrelenting machines who forcefully extract the milk which totures us all. Being dressed in a maids dress , stockings with seams, and high heels just completes the submissive feelings amped up by the sweet bondage. I personally would love to be firmly strapped into the Milked with that huge vibrator buried deep in me,and have it work me over for as many comes as is physically possible. Maybe even push the limits. Keep going until there is no milk left. Dry orgasms are extremely INTENSE .


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