Mistress Ezada’s special throne


The theme for this special portrait of Mistress Ezada was very unusual for me.
I have usually avoided the depiction of what is known as “hard sports” for the only reason that it almost always looks crude and demeaning – indeed to the mistress herself. I have never seen it handled sensitively even by top artists. So it had to be treated with delicacy and taste.

Seated on this bizarre throne, Mistress Ezada’s hand rests lightly on a handle connecting to a valve-shaped scoop, which on turning will release her wastes into the tube below, down to the tightly enclosed victim – who can however breath through the tube inserted above. Like some strange insect he has no freedom of moving his head. However his hands can serve the purpose of tearing off her monogrammed paper, the roll itself held up by another slave from a holder attached to a collar around his neck. A curtain veils this creature from view and prevents him from observing the intimate moment.

This is Mistress Ezada’s fifth commissioned portrait.

See her others by following the tag.

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