The Milking Machine series

The Milking Machine series 2

This series, originally featured on the Sardax member site 2004-2014, is very loosely set within a prison system where the inmates are regularly drained in the most humiliating manner possible. As a special treat I am featuring all six together-the quality of the drawing varies but never the inspiration.

The Milking Machine 1


The Milking Machine 2


The Milking Machine 3


The Milking Machine 4


The Milking Machine 5 


The Milking Machine 6



20 thoughts on “The Milking Machine series

  1. Simply amazing, I don’t think I ever saw the entire series before.

    Since I have stumbled upon this before breakfast, I shall return to read the text later after I am fortified with some necessary nutrition! I am sure the words as well shall lead me even further into a pleasurable vortex that far surpasses mundane reality… 😉

    Enjoy your weekend and holidays, my friend!

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  2. I have just re-read all of this without the distraction of the drawings. It is so much what my mistress Akasha Ronkay puts me through… It is cruel, stimulating and erotic all at the same time. Perhaps one day Akasha and I will commission a picture of ‘us’.


  3. Brilliant ! I have always loved the ‘Milking Machine1’ which I feel was fairly prominent in your original website but it is magic to see them all together with the story line . Definitely a wild FemDom fantasy of my own here

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  4. I’ve only seen The Milking Machine 5 so far but all the other amazing fantasies were unknown to me.
    The overwhelming way of humiliation how these women let milking the men is just so exciting. But I’m not quite sure if I am also get aroused once I’m hanging there in order to be milked – lol.
    Thank you very much for your overpowering femdom art!


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