Portrait of Madame C (and maid)


This Christmas portrait of Madame C was commissioned by the ‘maid’ on the left, to show him taking off her boots, after a morning’s walk in the freezing countryside perhaps. Before opening her other gifts she will peruse her Christmas cards then warm her toes by the roaring fire while the maid goes off to prepare the dinner.
An idyllic scene!

7 thoughts on “Portrait of Madame C (and maid)

  1. Good to see a maid that hasn’t been allowed the self-indulgence of fetish frills. I’m always conflicted by the idea of enforced transvestism – if woman is superior how can it be other than an honour to be made to dress like her?And surely if the slave is to be used as a maid, then the uniform / appearance required should be as simple and practical as is consistent with the tasks to be performed – hence my enthusiasm for the scene represented here.

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  2. Whilst I love fetish attire I also adore simple classy elegance which is what we stuck with here. I thought from the outset that the scene was perfect for a Christmas present and wonderfully natural as anyone who has taken a ladies boots off will know! I was so thrilled when I saw the finished picture and Madame C is delighted too, which let’s be honest is the most important thing.
    Thank you Sardax for such a lovely creation.
    Jo xxx

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