Portrait of Marti


The idea for this portrait of Marti (www.sensualwonderland.cz) arose from her love of cooking and a light-hearted description of her as a “Domestic Goddess”. So, in the picture she is literally feeding those who serve and worship her, but this also represents the way she feeds and nourishes them in a more metaphorical way. The image of a row of men came from one of her BDSM workshops (www.sacredpleasures.co.uk) in which she had 30 men kneeling before her.

The whips and St Andrew’s Cross in the background indicate that she also enjoys administering the rod. It is the combination of nurturing care and corrective cruelty which can be seen in the benevolent offering of her hand and in her mischievous smile.

2 thoughts on “Portrait of Marti

  1. Very nice portrait. I like it that Miss Marti looks so sweet and ladylike in her pretty frock; and the fact that she is barefoot is very good indeed, a nice change from the usual! Domestic and nurturing, but with the promise of imminent correction indeed (when necessary)!

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