4 thoughts on “Portrait of Goddess Felicity

  1. What a fantastic piece of artwork again, Sardax. I love the total power Goddess Felicity has over the bagged slave (the fear and the threat must be stimulating for him) – it is similar to the commission I had done for my Mistress, Mistress Eleise de Lacy – in which she has similar power over me, her liebestod. The ultimate power in her hands.

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  2. “F ear not, slave, the Goddess knows,
    E very place that breathplay goes,
    L etting you breathe at Her will,
    I n your fear is Her joy still,
    C an you take the tortured binding?
    I n your pain, you’re still not minding!
    T old the Goddess She must tame you,
    Y et she bound me too, to shame you.

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