Princess Aurora

I met dominatrix and cosplayer Princess Aurora  at the last Femdom Ball and talking about the Femdom Alice look I had created she said she’d be interested to dress the part for some custom photos. I had long wanted to see how it might look on a real person and this seemed a great offer as she was skilled in sourcing the right outfit. I was quite particular about the dress itself as it should not be a trashy rental costume but rather a plain dress contrasting with the gloves and whip.

I took the photos earlier in the year on a visit to the Fetish Emporium and I was delighted that she made so much effort to get the look just right. She definitely looks the part. Her classic English looks seem to promise a wonderland of naughtiness behind her innocent gaze.

So by way of return I made her the above drawing featuring herself in the costume, together with a very astonished March Hare!

5 thoughts on “Princess Aurora

  1. Undoubtedly, your job this time was easier (?) because she already looks like one of your most beautiful, fairy-tale creatures, but just the same, you excelled once again, drawing another of your unforgettable masterpieces…

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