Portrait of Mistress Venus 3

The third in the Mistress Venus series – see the others here and here – shows the hapless commissioner again in a modified maid’s costume, forced to inhale the aroma expelled by a huge “cafetiere” style cylinder of used stockings. The device is not only for stockings – socks and panties can equally be squeezed to extract the most delicious aroma.
Mistress Venus pushes down the plunger while recording his facial expression for posterity on her mobile phone.

Inspired by Sunday morning cup of coffee!

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Mistress Georgia Payne

Mistress Georgia Payne wanted a portrait of herself which could be hung on the wall of her home, subtle enough that it could be read as a fun depiction of her party life with her play-partner (kirk) , but for those in the know it would also clearly show their D/S dynamic. For some misdemeanour, perhaps a smug witticism or a cheeky riposte – kirk is receiving a well-aimed kick to the groin while her left hand is just beginning to squeeze his throat to stifle any pathetic excuse.
Unusually, the setting here is a “Mad Men”  style cocktail party of the sixties – a favourite period of Mistress Georgia who wears a sensible but stylish teal-blue dress and patent heels. It makes an interesting variation to paint a scene without dungeons, leather or vinyl , etc. – here she is firmly in control and needs nothing but the force of her own personality and beauty to make him collapse in submission before her.
The framed portrait in position on Mistress Georgia’s wall