Cubicle 10

Slave P, who commissioned the previous artwork for Mistress Elita – “Dark dream” again asked her to define her own imaginative fantasy for this new creation.

Cubicle 10 is one of a series of booths in a facility specifically designed solely for female pleasure – a reversed glory-hole – where the female client would be separated from the men (or ladies)  assigned to them. A supervisor could check on all activity by closed-circuit TV monitors and provide assistance and direction through glass screens.

If such a facility exists in the world Mistress Elita would like to know more -if not we wait for a more enlightened age to introduce it!

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Miss Harpsichord

For this commission London and Bristol based Miss Harpsichord chose the theme of “forced-bi” ,where she controls one man who is being forced to service another-for her pleasure rather than his. I have rarely produced something of this nature, but the subject intrigued me given the piquancy of the subject, as though she is physically the smallest she controls both men equally, regardless of their size.

Miss Harpsichord

Portrait of Miss Suzanna Maxwell

Manchester-based mistress Miss Suzanna Maxwell asked to be represented high on a throne drinking her favourite brand of champagne. For this portrait I took inspiration from a previous portrait that featured a throne design incorporating a bizarre “drinks table/whip holder”

Instead of a female friend there is another piece of human furnishing – a candle holder.

Miss Maxwell particularly wished me to include her favourite Louboutin red sole high heels so there is a slightly lower angle than the previous portrait.

She is about to pull a little switch -now what could that be attached to?

Christmas portraits being considered now -see Commissions page