Portrait of Lady Sara Borgia

A simple portrait of Birmingham based Lady Sara Borgia with legs resting on a human drinks-table. Any slight wobbling of her drink is rewarded by a tug on the chain and well-aimed jab from her stiletto heel.

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Erotic phantoms of NYC’s Eighth Avenue…

If you enjoyed my Reminiscences of Old Soho https://sardaxart.wordpress.com/2016/10/24/reminiscences-of-wicked-old-soho/ see writer Irv O’Neil’s similar blog post on ghosts of New York here..


One thing that fascinates me is what existed in certain spaces before what is there now. I always remember the previous tenants, especially if they have some erotic or sleazy context… 😉

For example, the northeast stretch of Eighth Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets:

This used to have three notorious porn theaters: the Capri (where the parking lot is now on the left); and the gay-themed Eros and the hetero-themed Venus. I can’t help but see in my mind the facades of those vanished edifices superimposed over the hordes of tourists who now stroll by and patronize the restaurants and bar and open-air market that now inhabit those urban footprints.

A block up to 47th and Eighth, across the street on the northwest side, is a marquee for what is now a sightseeing business:

Previously in the 1980s this space housed the Hollywood Twin Cinemas, but even before that…

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Portrait of Mistress Petrana Scarlett

Mistress Petrana is here depicted a seductive siren sitting on a rock in the ocean, drawing sailors and their ships to destruction.
They toss around in the waves, drowning yet still attracted to her. Another chained slave is slowly pressed down by her toes into the waves.
But she simply plays with her long red hair and smiles sweetly towards us.
This is a slightly unusual treatment -using black, grey and red paint, so it looks a little like a Mucha poster, Mistress Petrana’s Czech compatriot.
The framed artwork , sent by very satisfied Mistress Petrana
Mistress Petrana has now retired.