Portrait of Mistress Petrana Scarlett

Mistress Petrana is here depicted a seductive siren sitting on a rock in the ocean, drawing sailors and their ships to destruction.
They toss around in the waves, drowning yet still attracted to her. Another chained slave is slowly pressed down by her toes into the waves.
But she simply plays with her long red hair and smiles sweetly towards us.
This is a slightly unusual treatment -using black, grey and red paint, so it looks a little like a Mucha poster, Mistress Petrana’s Czech compatriot.
The framed artwork , sent by very satisfied Mistress Petrana
Mistress Petrana has now retired.

One thought on “Portrait of Mistress Petrana Scarlett

  1. Very beautiful, and highly effective. The contrast between red and black makes for a very dramatic picture and reminds me of another fatal beauty, Lorelei, on her rock, on the Rhine bend…
    Great picture, dear Sardax, another of your masterpieces.

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