Portrait of Lady Fyre

This simple portrait of Lady Fyre was gifted as a Christmas present but the brief was from the Lady herself. It shows her reclining on a sofa, holding up a ribbon to play with her own cat, to which is attached a key.
The key to what? Your chastity?
Her enigmatic smile will not reveal.

The subtle use of red crayon on this emphasises Lady Fyre’s flaming red hair, her shoes and the ribbon. Red is unique among all the colours in adding a note of sensuality to a black and white pen drawing.

In a completely different setting, she is seen here in an office setting taking command of a raw new recruit to the company. A natural dominant, Lady Fyre enjoys role-play of the woman in authority.


One thought on “Portrait of Lady Fyre

  1. Interesting use of a Warded Key.
    Did you use a antique Key as a model for this ?
    So many BDSM Scenes could profit from the various types of authentic Warded Keys.
    One of my specialties is the collection and restoration of Warded Locks Keys, plus restraint’s.
    Prison Keys have distinct shapes and sizes seldom seen in Erotic Graphics.
    Antique handmade restraints have a quality of their own, especially with acquired patina and grime.


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