Portrait of Goddess Severa


The amazingly statuesque and powerful Goddess Severa is here depicted as a circus trapeze artiste, seated firmly on the commissioner of the portrait.
The original idea was that she would be throttling him with her feet. When that seemed too ungainly the alternative of her jabbing her toes to his lips and curling round his forehead seemed to work more effectively and emphasises the high arches of her beautiful legs.

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Mistress Adrienne at the opera


Mistress Adrienne, a resident of New York and a great lover of the opera is here shown relaxing at one of her favourite operas, Richard Strauss’ Salome. She gazes at us imperiously, showing off her stylish red heels on the balcony.

The style is something of an experiment, deliberately looser in feel to give the impression of immediacy .

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Domina Sara cuckolds


Here Domina Sara is shown cuckolding two of her favourite submissives.
In her hand she dangles a key to their chastity, while they grovel at her feet and admire her beautiful seamed stockings.
The “bull ” has been left deliberately faceless so as not to take the attention away from her. For indeed the “bulls” are many but there is only one Domina Sara.

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Portrait of Lady Ibicella


This portrait of Lady Ibicella, the renowned French humiliatrix, depicts a classroom in which her pupil is attempting to write some French sentences on the blackboard. Obviously he is not a very clever pupil because he wears a “bonnet d’âne” (donkey cap) on his head. This is the French equivalent of the Dunce’s cap previously used in English schools.
Lady Ibicella is here dressed simply but elegantly, headmistress of her own École Ibicella.

Visit Lady Ibicella’s site at Ibicella.fr where you will find links to her clip stores.

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