Portrait of Lady Ibicella


This portrait of Lady Ibicella, the renowned French humiliatrix, depicts a classroom in which her pupil is attempting to write some French sentences on the blackboard. Obviously he is not a very clever pupil because he wears a “bonnet d’âne” (donkey cap) on his head. This is the French equivalent of the Dunce’s cap previously used in English schools.
Lady Ibicella is here dressed simply but elegantly, headmistress of her own École Ibicella.

Visit Lady Ibicella’s site at Ibicella.fr where you will find links to her clip stores.

For more info on commissioning see dedicated page  

3 thoughts on “Portrait of Lady Ibicella

  1. Very nice indeed! Lovely portrait of Lady Ibicella, with whose work I am very familiar from my daily tweets for DommeAddiction.com. You have depicted a classroom guaranteed to fill many a naughty miscreant with delight!

    Just curious–is such a donkey cap constructed in a kind of origami manner out of one sheet of construction paper? Never saw it before. Always learning something new about humiliation methods every day! 😉


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