Portrait of She Controls 3


For this third portrait of She Controls I arranged to meet the lady herself at a London café and after making a direct sketch we had some discussion about the content.
We came up with this surreal idea of her slicing right through her submissive’s body from neck to groin disgorging banknotes and coins.  She holds him with her left hand and he leans back in ecstasy, with his right hand holding a credit card.
She Controls thrusts her gloved hand into the money and smiles out at us with a gleam of triumph in her eye. 

A literally visceral portrayal of the findom fetish.

Sketch portrait of She Controls from life.

See the first two portraits …

She Controls 1

She Controls 2

One thought on “Portrait of She Controls 3

  1. You know how much I love your incredible skills as a drawing Artist, and once again your work is technically flawless and lovely, but I must confess that this time I find the “visceral” portrait a bit too much off good taste…
    There have been, during the years, many truly surreal positions of the slaves, but their torments were so absurd that the whole image just underlined the power and beauty of their owner.
    This time, instead, the sliced, opened body that pours forth money is, in my view, too crude and horrific, like an exploitation movie, making the viewer forget about the fetish, to concentrate on the horror of the sight, that, by the way, makes the findomme appear like a monster from hell, willing to disembowel a slave like an ox, as long as she can get the money he was hiding…


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