Portrait of Ms Anna Smyth


A warm afternoon at an Italian villa. The wind blows gently, a few birds twitter in the branches. Now the meal and the wine is finished at the table and it is time for Ms Anna Smyth  to sit on her swing and relax.
But this is a special swing – one of her devoted admirers makes himself available for her amusement. He is getting very hot in all that leather but she will squeeze him for as long as she wishes!


Portrait of Goddess Stella Sol


San Francisco based Goddess Stella Sol is here depicted as a puppet-mistress in dark lustrous latex with long thigh length boots. She sits on the proscenium arch of the little theatre, where her toy, a whiney ‘capitalist’ in chastity, performs to the strings she manipulates.
He brings her his treasure and offers her wads of banknotes but she merely smiles at his pathetic attempts to impress her.
On the seat is inscribed the “Aum” symbol which is special to this Goddess.