Portrait of Lady Saintlawrence


An exotic garden in South Asia.
The slave is fixed to an elaborate metal frame above an ornamental pool, awaiting the cruel whip of Lady Saintlawrence.
She looks round towards us as she prepares to apply the first stroke to his clear taut flesh. To the side other slaves await their turn and shiver in fear, though simultaneously yearn for her brutal efficiency.


Though Lady Saintlawrence can be cruel and merciless towards her slaves, I discovered her to be a very warm and engaging personality on meeting her in London for one of my personal sketches (above).
She is the founder of AMYSTIQUE INTERNATIONAL, the society promoting femdom throughout South Asia and though based in Amsterdam has an international travelling lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “Portrait of Lady Saintlawrence

  1. Her eyes… and her pose. Beautiful. Her eye contact with the viewer makes it so easy to step into the scenery. Who wouldn’t want to be in that line of lucky slaves? Magic picture, Sardax. Thank you!

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  2. Stunningly Gorgeous in every way.. MsSaintlawrence’s Beauty can control an entire room even through portraits such as these. Sardax did a wonderful job with a exceptional Goddess !


  3. This worthless slave would be one of those cowering i. the shadows. Enjoying the screams of Her victim, but making sure my submissiveness and work won’t force MiLady to make an example of me.


  4. When she enter , you will feel the powerful energy of domination. She walked slowly and look around with those eyes , and cracking her whip in the air, without hitting anyone . Everyone looked down afraid , shaking , speechless. And I said wow! Who is she? That was the first time I saw her in one of her main stage performance in Wasteland and heard the name “Milady Saintlawrence” and from that on I followed her, admiring all her ways . In this portrait shows her oozing power , thank you for sharing Sardax.


  5. She is a legend, the one and only! When she enters the room , I have goosebumps and I cannot stop shaking of happiness, nervousness, my devotion is too high, my adoration is extreme, her beauty is captivating my soul She is the example of a true Goddess . Thank you Sardax for this amazing work of art.


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