Portrait of Mistress Scarlet 2



As a surprise Christmas present the commissioner of the previous portrait of Mistress Scarlet requested a caning theme.
Outside a Scottish manor house on a veranda she has forced the sissy and thrashes with a firm cane.
A few flicks of red crayon for the welts and the lipstick complete the black and white pen-drawing.

Mistress Scarlet’s site

6 thoughts on “Portrait of Mistress Scarlet 2

  1. Another beautiful piece. Love how if we look closely we can glimpse the hand of the sissy grasping at the air amidst the frou-frou of the skirt. And I also like the touch of red in the lipstick and welts standing out from the black-and-white. I imagine Mistress Scarlet and the commissioner are most pleased with this!


  2. I love the little ankle strap details on the sissy’s heels. Can’t have her kicking them off in the heat of the moment now, can we!


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