Namio Harukawa 2


The number of artists who could be classified as a “femdom artist” is quite small,  so when one of us passes it is fitting to mark it in some way.
Namio Harukawa died last month as I reported in the previous post .
So I wished to draw something in memory of him and, much as a composer might take a theme of another late composer, and write his own set of variations on it, I took a representative drawing of his and without copying it, redrew it in my own style. It is important to emphasise that I was not trying to make it look like his art or pretend to make it one of his artworks.
It was simply taking the theme, and re-interpreting it in my own way.

For the model I asked permission to include the likeness of
Ms Ryoko Kitagawa 北川繚子女王様, founder of Kitagawa-pro  films, who was for many years associated with him.

Well, the result was rather strange-quite different from my usual work, but I was pleased with the experiment.
I hope he would be too.

The original Namio Harukawa artwork, which formed the starting point.

6 thoughts on “Namio Harukawa 2

  1. I believe there’s no better way for an Artist than be remembered this way by another great Artist, like you.
    This latest work is unmistakably yours, even if inspired by his artwork and is, as always, absolutely beautiful!
    BTW, I visited Mrs.Kitagawa’s site (another legend in BDSM) and was pleasantly surprised to find it a personal blog, with pics not only BDSM oriented, but also of her trips, vacations, and her lovely friends.
    Pity she didn’t think of adding a translator to it, as I’m afraid I do not understand too well Japanese…lol
    I also noticed she has a beautiful picture book of Namio’s work (I guess autographed for her by the Artist himself) that, obviously, isn’t available anywhere on the Web.


    • Thank you -glad you liked it . There does seem to be a recently published book but I don’t know the details and is probably only for sale in Japan.


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