Portrait of Mistress Jade

A very classic scene in classic monochrome.
I usually try to avoid a dark dungeon location but occasionally it works well, as in this portrait of Mistress Jade of Boston , U.S.A.
The commissioner of this portrait kneels before his adored mistress and awaits his punishment at her hands. She will start with a very robust face-slapping and then will take the objects on the table for more intense torments.

View Mistress Jade’s site

7 thoughts on “Portrait of Mistress Jade

  1. Nice! Can really feel the dungeon setting around them, too, and the slaps resounding therein…

    Happy New Year to you!


  2. It was such an honor to work with you and the outcome couldn’t have been any more perfect. Thank you for creating a life long memory.


  3. Beautiful piece of art – the Goddess of course, not the sub 🙂

    Yes too dark is not always ideal because ideally you want the sub to be able to clearly see his goddess, so that he can see what what he can never have and let her beauty make him pine for her even more 🙂


  4. Maîtresse Jade est ici magnifiquement bien représentée et cette scène est inspirante et attirante à souhait . je salue votre talent qui stimule mon imaginaire Sardax ! Un hymne aux femmes !


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