Mistress Lynn in the bondage garden

Mstress Lynn Cane of the Netherlands is seen here admiring the exhibits in her personal “bondage garden”, a set of artistic installations of humans encased in rubber.

One even has a switch connected to a breathing tube that Mistress Lynn can play with for her amusement.

Or perhaps she can reach for the cane and riding crop hanging on her back to punish some others who might groan or move around , when they are required to be perfectly still – whatever the weather.

Unusually this commission was funded by a group of Mistress Lynn’s most devoted admirers who chipped in to a fund for the portrait as a birthday present.

This has happened once before and in both cases one of the group volunteered to be the “paymaster” who would put up the deposit and pay the balance .

Ideally I prefer to work for one person as a committee is difficult to negotiate but in this case it all worked perfectly .

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