Double portrait of Mistress Inanna Justice and Madame Lule

Paris-based Mistress Inanna Justice, originally from the United States, commissioned this unusual double portrait as an expression of her friendship with Parisian dominatrice Madame Lule.
They pose together on an outsized seat beneath which kneel a couple of diminutive slaves
who make desperate efforts to kiss their heels.
Insouciant of their suffering they gaze out of the picture at us,
back to back and joined together in their love for female domination.

Mistress Inanna Justice

Madame Lule

Mistress Inanna has recently published a book called “The Heart of the Dominatrix” spotlighting 21 dominatrices from around the world and their views about female domination today.

2 thoughts on “Double portrait of Mistress Inanna Justice and Madame Lule

  1. Another beautiful work of art from the master artist Sardax. His work always brings out the best of the beauty of the Mistress’s that he puts on canvass.

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  2. Both dominatrixes are intoxicating. It is almost impossible to decide which of the two mistresses I wish to subjugate me. I think I would serve Madame Lule because she is French. French women have always had something particularly seductive about them.


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