Memorial portrait for Mistress Michelle Lacy

This double portrait was commissioned as a memorial to Mistress Michelle Lacy’s partner and personal slave who passed away last year.
It was funded by a group of her most loyal submissives who came together for this special gift.
I felt honoured to have been asked and some time went into preparing and completing it.
They met in a domination studio in New York and so the setting shows high-rise office buildings and skyscrapers through the window.
He kneels at her feet in worship as she enfolds him with her boot and whip and offers her gloved hand for him to kiss. The bench which she sits on is locked .Who knows what it contains?
Now it holds secrets of their time together that only she knows.

3 thoughts on “Memorial portrait for Mistress Michelle Lacy

  1. Dear Master Sardax, I really envy you that you know so many wonderful ladies! Mistress Michelle Lacy is such an enchanting lady. She is a real dream of a woman.🥰 I wish I could kneel in front of her this way.🤤
    Maybe she is looking for a new slave?


  2. Beautiful illustration. From these two to the buildings behind them, we now have a glimpse what goes on in New York’s high rise district after business hours.


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