Portrait of Young Goddess Kim

A rather macabre fantasy .

Young Goddess Kim inspects her recumbent slaves who are embedded to their heads in a dark dungeon beneath her living quarters. They cannot see her, only detect her scent, smell her smoke and hear the clicking of her heels . As she is wearing the tightest figure-hugging dress it is perhaps only best they are blindfolded as they are caged in chastity. She makes sure that the sole of her shoe will touch the cages as she pushes the tip of her shoe into their mouths.

Young Goddess Kim

6 thoughts on “Portrait of Young Goddess Kim

  1. A very sexy portrait indeed! True, as you say, a macabre fantasy, but Young Goddess Kim looks so alluring that even a spectator of less kinky inclinations is willing to entertain the pruriently promising prospects of such a slave confinement. And you so skillfully bring to tangible life the tension of her snug shiny hem against her thighs, the wafting smoke of her cigarette, and especially vividly, the taut tug of the leash’s chain against the slave’s helmet. Beautiful! Congrats on another splendid work, and congrats to the Goddess for such a memorable depiction of her femdom charisma.


  2. The master does it again. Whenever Sardax puts brush to canvas it always comes up beautiful. The definition is impeccable. The lines and shadows pull you into the painting and the expression on Goddess Kims face is as beautiful as it is deceptive.


  3. I love your dark fantasies, Master Sardax! This one here is really dark indeed. It looks like that Goddess Kim doesn’t release her slaves often.


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