Portrait of Madam M

The setting is a library, one Madam M’s favourite places. But no ordinary library. The shelves slide back to reveal a very different location, but equally pleasurable to her. Here there are shackles and whips . In her expensive high heels Madam M ascends the library steps and reaches for a book to read.
Of course, it is “Venus in furs”

Madam M

2 thoughts on “Portrait of Madam M

  1. Love it! Mistress + slave + library + secret panels + hidden room!

    At least Madam M leaves a pail underneath him while she relaxes for a few hours to read that wonderful book. For when one gets caught up in powerful fiction, one can temporarily forget the existence of others and their pressing needs!


  2. Perfect,
    I have always considered a Library a place to learn, this Teach’s both the Dominant Lady and the submissive.
    One by Literature the other by real life experience.


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