Venus in Furs text illustrations

This small gallery shows just six of the twenty text illustrations to be seen in the printed version of my “Venus in Furs”.
They were produced digitally in the style of old-fashioned books where drawings were made to placed within the text and run round by it – so-called “page furniture”.
How many books published as novels today have that level of illustration?
Together with a special title page and end of chapter illustrations this book was designed from the start as a luxury item.


The frontispiece page

See the dedicated page Venus in Furs book for further information about ordering the book.

Please note there is also an e-book for sale – while it contains the ten full-page illustrations these text illustrations were omitted as it was impossible to wrap the text round them.

Erotic phantoms of NYC’s Eighth Avenue…

If you enjoyed my Reminiscences of Old Soho see writer Irv O’Neil’s similar blog post on ghosts of New York here..


One thing that fascinates me is what existed in certain spaces before what is there now. I always remember the previous tenants, especially if they have some erotic or sleazy context… 😉

For example, the northeast stretch of Eighth Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets:

This used to have three notorious porn theaters: the Capri (where the parking lot is now on the left); and the gay-themed Eros and the hetero-themed Venus. I can’t help but see in my mind the facades of those vanished edifices superimposed over the hordes of tourists who now stroll by and patronize the restaurants and bar and open-air market that now inhabit those urban footprints.

A block up to 47th and Eighth, across the street on the northwest side, is a marquee for what is now a sightseeing business:

Previously in the 1980s this space housed the Hollywood Twin Cinemas, but even before that…

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Femdom thrills over the last 200 years!

Some observations on femdom in print by colleague and erotica writer Irv O’Neil…


One of the things that particularly interests me is the evolution of art forms, such as how stories are told, throughout the years.

I particularly recall the fantastic paintings for the macho “sweat mags” of the 50s and 60s–periodicals like FOR MEN ONLY or MEN’S WORLD or ALL MAN, that often sadistically portrayed GIs and Nazis and gorgeous women in a pulp phantasmagoria derived from World War 2. The great site Men’s Pulp Mags is the resource for these images and info, and here is an example of a femdom cover image from 1959 that they also sell as a note card:

Doesn't look like Doesn’t look like “pity” is her middle name…

In an interview I read at Men’s Pulp Mags, artist Mort Küntsler explained why those publications declined in popularity as “More and more advertising money was going to television rather than print, and a lot of people were getting their fiction over television rather than reading…

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Ready to cuckold him on their first date!

Over 17 years ago I illustrated a story for legendary magazine Leg Show by writer Irv O’Neil and now he has been republished it as his own e-book. See the original artwork and details about the book.


Happy 2016 to all my readers! A safe and healthy new year to you all!

A few days ago I blogged about one of my two newest ebooks, THE SINS OF DR. JEKYLL. Today I’d like to tell you about…


Wherein my submissive hero Timmy experiences an incredible night of deep and lasting degradation! (Which he can’t resist and he deeply enjoys…)

TranceTramp PublicityCover

Do you like the cover? This girl really looks like trouble, doesn’t she? I am very fond of 1950s paperback books, with their femme fatale cover girls, and this model projects that same spirit. The image, which I found at a stock photography house, was shot by “xalanx” whose portfolio you can see here. I also used one of his images for the cover of RULE BY CLEAVAGE (read about that book here).

Getting back to the noir paperback aspects, even the typeface I selected for the title…

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Human Furniture- Entire Movie-Out Now!

A wonderful set – see more of Madame Catarina in



This amazing movie in its entirety is now available to download from C4S

In this movie Madame Catarina has decided to have a relaxing afternoon in her saloon and decides to rearrange some of the furniture to make herself comfortable. But this is Madame Catarina and of course the furniture is human furniture!

Dressed in stunning high heel boots, stockings and leather Madame Catarina leads her hooded slave into the saloon and begins to prepare him for use as a human table. He needs to be totally immovable if he is going to serve as a table so Madame Catarina straps him to a chair very tightly, continuingly testing to see if he can move by mercilessly torturing his nipples, cock and balls. When he is secured to her satisfaction and has been fitted with an ashtray gag Madame Catarina uses the slave as a table as she drinks her…

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Writing for Leg Show and illustrated by Sardax…


My friend and colleague, the great femdom artist Sardax, recently wrote a blog post about doing art for editor Dian Hanson’s Leg Show magazine back in the 1990s and early 2000s and creating some illustrations for my short stories there, among the many authors whose work he brought to visual life. You can read his post here.

I had been writing femdom fiction for other magazines like Leg Action for a few years before I started submitting stories to Leg Show, but once I began publishing in Dian’s publication, it became my favorite femdom venue. Two reasons for this are that there were fewer censorship restrictions on the subject matter–the strictness of restrictions varied from publisher to publisher–and Dian was also open to fiction that didn’t only emphasize eroticism but also the exploration of the psychological aspects of foot and leg fetishism and female dominance. Since my stories ranged from those designed mostly for…

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Sardax’s ‘The Gag Shop’: The Stuttgart Recreation – A Slave’s Diary

Yes, I’m quite astonished too by the dedication from all parts to bring this together .Well done everyone!


It would probably be a lie to say it came as a bolt out of the blue but I had to read the email several times before its meaning became clear. I read the words again and again and with each reading I became more sure of their meaning and I felt a warm rush of pleasure swell inside of me. I looked around the almost deserted train station as I became aware I was grinning like the cat that had got the cream. I tried to compose myself a little before re-reading the message but my grin just got bigger.

Maybe I should explain.

As readers of my blog will know I am the slave and property of Madame Catarina and I have been on a journey to enter deeper into her slavery. The email I had just read was from Madame Catarina and it was suggesting something very…

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Forever Stuttgart, Forever Sardax



I am sure I will write in more depth in future but for now just a few words and images to whet the appetite.

I am guessing that readers of this blog will know by now that last week saw Madame Catarina joining forces with Mistress Ezada Sinn, Lady Victoria Valente and Mistress Akella to recreate Sardax’s Gag Shop in Stuttgart. As well as this momentous photo shoot there were a host of double Dom sessions and several movies made. Links to the movies will be posted when they are available.

My heartfelt thanks go to all the mistresses involved and of course  to my owner and Mistress, Madame Catarina for allowing me to serve her and for making me so completely her property and slave.

There are more images on all the ladies twitter and facebook pages and don’t forget Madame Catarina’s movies are available to download at

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