If you have followed a link here from a femdom site or blog you will probably not need much introduction to me or my artwork for, in one way or another, I have been drawing femdom art for over 30 years (is that long enough?)
Yes, I actually exist as a serious-minded conventionally dressed artist of today who mixes with people and does not live in a mysterious tower away from ordinary mortals.

If not, and the whole world of “femdom” is new and exciting to you, take a trip over to my main site where you can read an extensive biography and explanation of my art with an interview or two. You can also view a range of recent portraits and commissions in a gallery format, mostly of active Mistresses working in the world today. As this blog proceeds more and more of what is over there will be coming over here. I intend also to show a lot of what was previously on the membership area of which ran for 10 years until 2014 (now closed) and also focussing on the commissioned artwork which, apart from private projects, now occupies most of my time.

Please also take a look at Venus in Furs page, my most recent book still available for sale.

I have made a blog as I wanted to write in a little further detail about my activities in the “femdom world” with its fascinating milieu of mistresses, submissives (subs) and all that happens between them.

In the last few years, also, more and more people take their Internet with them, either by smartphone or tablet and Wordpress allows a much clearer and less strained view of my content on mobile, besides desktop computers.

Feel free to leave comments or contact admin(at)

See updates about commissioning here .

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10 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hello I have been following you for some time thru my email and look forward to a supply of yor fantastic and interesting work. I too have a vivid imagination and I was a sub/sissie to mistress Elaine of Epsom for some years. She was brilliant and much missed. I used to write scenarios on the mistress slave scene and she much liked my vivid imagination – anyway that sadly is all finished. However once again thank you for all your pictures and drawings. I look forward to seeing more.
    Best regards David


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