Portrait of Lady N


“The picture  is about a femdom couple from Berlin. “Lady N” lives in a villa within a huge park with a tall wall around and enjoys life. Slave “a” has the luck to live in her garden her as her creature in intimacy and never-ending prison.

Lady N loves to see the effects of her hard education. She loves to tease and torture his body and brain with her beauty and her dark soul. This night she has brought small supporters to tie him even harder and to torture him with biting poisonous love. So close and yet far. See how he adores his Lady, how eternal love can be. 

She is free and reigns over their life. The sky sends its divine rays of light. And her lover is approaching from the back of Lady N ́s Garden of Lust for a next step of training and love.”

Written by the commissioner of the painting.

Portrait of Mistress Veronica Vixen


L.A. based “Bad Bitch” Mistress Veronica Vixen wished to be depicted in the ‘classic’ monochrome style to give the portrait a retro look, with a night-time scene in a bizarre diner where gimps in tightly fitting leather serve as ashtray, lamp and to the right, drinks holder.
She does not need to move one inch from her seat and can devote her time to thinking of suitable punishments for her slaves.

Commissions are now being taken on for 2019