Club RUB flyers

Club RUB is one of the most long-established and respected fetish clubs in the U.K. Recently Kim, the founder of the parties, commissioned artwork for six club flyers to be used from July to December. These will be used to advertise their parties and take their subject matter generally from the theme of each party night..for instance -“Old School Night” in July or “Halloween” in October.

It’s not my usual style but it’s dramatic and suited to the fun-loving atmosphere which Kim creates so well for her club.

For more info and updates visit their website

Portrait of Lady Velvet

Closeup logo

The charming Lady Velvet approached me recently for a custom portrait to grace her new website. In a similar way to “Instead of a photo” she prefers not to show photos directly and wanted a more illustrative approach. She wished to show some specific ideas , e.g.  that she was London-based, and was interested in being mistress to both sexes and all races. After some discussion we decided on a evening scene by the river Thames showing St Paul’s cathedral in the background. At her feet are shown a white girl and black male, looking up at her voluptuous form.

Fullpicture logo

This portrait was made as a black and white line illustration which was then coloured up digitally. I prefer not to colour line drawings conventionally as it weakens the pen-line. This is also a more affordable option than a full watercolour.

Learn more about Sardax portraiture here