The throne is a recurring motif in much of my art.

One of the first line drawings I made as Sardax was this goddess on a throne. This was actually sold as a limited run of postcards at the Skin Two shop back in the early nineties – if you bought one then you’re lucky ! Throughout the years the depiction of the mistress in her throne has been a useful way of displaying her regality and authority, raised up above her slaves , looking down . In this selection of portraits there are different types-some elaborate, some simple:-

Portrait of Maitresse Renee

Mistress Akella with the ermine

Laylah from Snake portraits


Snake portraits

It happens occasionally that one portrait will lead directly to another commission. This portrait of iconic London muse Laylah explored the theme of a Snake Goddess overlooking a pit of males intertwined with snakes.


When Mistress Kelle Martina saw this she was very interested in being portrayed as the Goddess and a commissioner kindly stepped forward to make her dream come true. It was not an exact copy, though the resulting portrait was similar most obviously being this time in colour. Instead of the wand she now teases one of the snakes with her fingers and the number of males has been reduced to concentrate more on the Goddess herself.


Here is Mistress Kelle receiving the portrait as a Christmas present in 2014.


Which do I prefer?  Neither – the subject in both is beautiful in her own way and the paintings developed according to different inspiration.

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