Birthday portrait of Madame Caramel

This portrait , commissioned as part of Madame Caramel‘s birthday, shows a throne made up of her slaves miniaturised around her. It is originally drawn in pen line then colour added by crayon.
Last year she received a wedding proposal from her beloved submissive Joris and here he is as the main figure at the front of the throne.
A suitable position for him !


The Sardax Circus

The Sardax Circus is an occasional series I add to whenever it is commissioned, themed around traditional circus acts.
Well-known mistresses in U.K. and abroad are featured in this truly “femdom” event.

Mistress Sidonia

The ringmistress of the circus is Mistress Sidonia introducing us to the proceedings.

Mistress Akella

An experienced equestrienne herself Mistress Akella rides bareback on one of the male “horses”.

Mistress Arella

Walking on a bridge of interlocked males, Mistress Arella walks with an umbrella high up in the circus.

Lady Nina Birch

Lady Nina Birch and her performing troop of tame sissies jumping through a hoop of fire.

Madame Caramel

Madame Caramel on her very own human trapeze swings high up in the big top.