The Sardax Fairytales

This recent series – made for Japanese magazine “Goddess love” (女神の愛) takes the theme of traditional fairytales where the main female character is played by a world-famous mistress.

Mistress Darcy as Snow White. This painting has been featured already  here.
She has captured her handsome prince in the little cottage and is preparing to take him from behind, to the great amusement of the seven dwarves surrounding her.

Mistress Eleise de Lacy as Rapunzel. She takes great delight in teasing the prince who has climbed the tower and is obviously entranced by the long tresses.

Mistress Chloe NY as Red Riding Hood. The ‘Big Bad Wolf’ stands no chance against this red-booted mistress. Together they will go to grandma’s cottage where they will open her basket and play with her toys!

Mistress Nikki Whiplash as Cinderella -making the prince sniff one glass slipper while he worships the other. Her coach in the background leaves us in no doubt of her kinky propensities.

If you live in Japan you can buy the present issue -No 14 – from Amazon.
Regrettably the magazine cannot be bought overseas.

The Lightbulb Moment

How did it all start? For some it started it very early but for me it was a ‘lightbulb moment’ at the old age of 18 – a shiver down the spine that made me feel all wobbly, something strange but delicious at the same time. Browsing the top shelf in a London newsagent (news dealer) and seeing a specifically femdom magazine for the first time.

People under 30 must try to conceive of a world without digital imagery. These days you innocently think you might enjoy an obscure fetish, you Google it and a vast array of arc-lamps spring to life, illuminating you with huge quantities of information. We had to catch sight of candle flames flickering in the distance and wandered stumbling towards them, not understanding ourselves what it was we wanted. The problem then was starvation of information, whereas today it an indigestible surfeit.
You were really at the mercy of what your newsagent felt might be saleable or what you might find on a furtive trip to a sex-shop in Central London. Femdom was very much the Cinderella of kink back then (is it still?) and it was an occasion for rejoicing (by yourself usually) when a new magazine came out that hit your spot. Up until my eyes met this magazine I’d never seen one specifically devoted to femdom, nor did I even know that word.

Sadie Stern’s magazine . One of very few femdom magazines in the U.K. during the ’70s

So this is the magazine. I saw it in 1979 somewhere in North London. My memory played tricks on me. I could swear the cover girl was wearing a tiger skin print dress, though it was in fact a model on the inside who was dressed that way. The models were rather tired-looking and disengaged from the current vantage-point, but it didn’t matter, it was all so new, rare and I was just younger – what I saw then was cherished so much more. You had to wait a month to get another issue so you’d actually re-read the copy … again and again.

I never in fact worked for the magazine. It was too early, before I even got into drawing femdom. By the time I was beginning to look for openings it had descended into a graveyard of phone-sex ads, with minimal photo sets and hardly any text. But my memory holds its importance as a spark that set off something. I wonder if people these days remember their first google-search ?

Together with “Madame” magazine, my interest in femdom was sustained and developed until I felt confident enough to start producing my own artwork.

“Madame in a world of fantasy” Entirely B/W mostly writing with pirated photos, but still popular and one the few specifically femdom magazines.


Reminiscences of Wicked Old Soho

Meeting a mistress pre-Internet

Other World Kingdom

It’s impossible for the femdom devotee not to have seen something of OWK* on the Net. From photos and videos all over the Net we are all by now very well-acquainted with the white walls of the palace exterior, the endless wooden-floored corridors and the vast halls with leather-clad ladies and their devoted naked slaves. Decent folk like yourself will probably have bought a membership to their website. Some might even have stayed for a holiday or attended the events participating in the occasional festivals. Anyone under 30 will hardly remember when it did not exist – it seems so long now since they started.

I remember my first contact was when I had come into the offices of Zeitgeist (one of the better femdom magazines at the time and only running for a few issues) somewhere round 1997 and was told there was a package for me. I opened a heavy envelope to find a beautifully produced book and a selection of well printed colour magazines with an accompanying letter explaining who they were and a description of their castle and vast complex of surrounding buildings.


It was extraordinary to see something so lavishly crafted coming from a country which had only recently thrown off the shackles of communism, and from someone totally unknown in the West. I asked around the people I knew – like Skin Two – if they knew anything about them. They too had received a package but were none the wiser. I was hesitant to make contact at first when I was commissioned to produce a number of watercolours for their magazine  and thereafter a few black and white line drawings. But all went through without any complications though I did not form any close association either; our negotiations were straightforward but formal. There was talk of murals for a room but that never realised.



Sadly I never had the opportunity to go there myself but enjoyed hearing the adventures of others who did. After some years of an uncertain future I believe the premises itself is no longer functioning but the website is still in existence.

Find out more at

*It has been remarked often how inappropriate the name seemed-Other World Queendom would have been more suitable?


A version of the OWK drawing was cleverly executed in photography by TommyO photographic maestro of Los Angeles featuring -from behind – Mistress Alexia Jordon=

Read also Femdom Resource’s blog-post about OWK

The Gag-shop set of paintings

In this series for Megami-no-ai (Love of Goddess) the Japanese femdom magazine, I invited four internationally renowned mistresses to pose for each frame of a set of four paintings. They all willingly agreed to lend their assistance in providing photographic reference and it was a pleasure to collaborate with them. The theme of the set is a gag-shop.Yes, a specialised store only selling gags.


I was inspired by this fascinating drawing of Japanese femdom artist Anmo Night and wondered how it might be if a shop actually existed in reality where they could be bought.


In No. 1 Mistress Akella is walking down the street with a ‘dog’ on her leash carrying her purchases on his back. In the background is the gag-shop.


As we move into No. 2 we see Mistress Ezada Sinn looking in through the window of the shop, perhaps deciding which gag the dog beside her will be buying.


 In No. 3 we have moved inside the shop and see Madame Catarina inspecting the various gags in the shop. There are some really exotic varieties here. In the background another lady has just bought some gags and the sales-assistant is wrapping them up for her.


In No 4 we see that lady herself, Lady Victoria Valente looking menacingly at her own slave who has spilt her purchases all over the street. There will be consequences for him! In the background we glimpse Mistress Akella again which brings us satisfyingly round to the first frame again.   This is not the last word on the gag-shop series. Mistress Ezada, who appeared in the second frame, has had the fantastic idea of re-enacting the scene with all the other mistresses in a locale in Germany. Read more on this story here…

and see what happened in this post

Alice in Wonderland

For the last 5 issues I have been producing sets of four illustrations at a time for a respected Japanese femdom magazine called “Goddess love” Megami-no-ai (女神の愛). I got to know the editor via Twitter. Somehow or other despite speaking different languages we communicated well and have enjoyed a very fruitful relationship. I’ll show some other series later but for now I just wanted to show the most recent – The Alice in Wonderland set. There really was only one Mistress in London to model for this – Alice Malice who feels such an close connection with the book. I approached her last year and she said she’d be delighted to pose. I worked on them all over Christmas. They were in fact a joy to produce as I had such a clear conception of “Femdom Alice”. I looked at the first illustrations by Sir John Tenniel and tried to keep closely to the way he had depicted the story. Rather than any luridly trashy fashion you might find for party wear I wanted her dress to be classic and simple, but added to that short black gloves and ankle boots to give it a kinky powerful edge. Moreover the watercolour style gives it that traditional old-fashioned look. I didn’t know it but this year is the 150th anniversary of the book’s publication so it was an apt choice of subject matter. I hope Lewis Carroll would approve – if not, at least forgive. Really it was just the look I was aiming at, not any reference to the original Alice. So these are the resulting paintings…

alice1_reduced Alice in the woods teaches the 5 of spades a lesson.
alice3_reduced Alice takes over the mushroom from he caterpillar and enjoys the hookah.
alice2_reduced Alice teases the little man at the bottom of the glass table with the little box suggestively marked “Eat Me”.
alice4_reduced Alice climbs up on the table and the Mad Hatter prepares the teapot!


One of many  initial sketches – planning is very important for watercolour painting as you cannot make changes very easily so for every painting there are lots of initial sketches- most of which are never seen.

Issue No 8

 Update May 2016

The “Kinky Alice” look is now a new cosplay! The same magazine has now commissioned a photo-shoot of famous Japanese actress Aoi Shino (碧しの)dressed in similar costume as Femdom Alice. I look forward to seeing the full set in the coming months.


March 2017

Dominatrix and cosplayer Princess Aurora was also generous enough to give her time and effort to dress as Femdom Alice. She definitely looks the part. Her classic English looks seem to promise a wonderland of naughtiness behind her innocent gaze.


December 2018

I commissioned Restrained Elegance to produce a custom set featuring the stunning model Chloe Toy. This studio’s main emphasis is on bondage but they had just the right setting for what I was imagining and a great portfolio of previous work so I worked out a little plan – in sketches of course – of what I wanted to see.

The pivotal moment comes when Alice, having dressed in gloves and boots from an old chest, admires herself in a mirror and then is sucked into mirror-land, where everything is reversed and she is forced to become a bound barefoot submissive . At that point I let the studio have free rein to photograph however they wished.



I was very pleased with the results. You can buy this set here  or join the wonderful member site Restrained Elegance to see this and many other bondage sets.

In a way I was in mirror-land myself. It was great fun for me to be the commissioner for once – as I’m usually on the other end. I’d recommend the process highly, not only for the enjoyment of having your own fantasy brought to life but also because it supports the creative efforts of studios and individual artists.

March 2021


Misu Eevee brings her own unique style to the Femdom Alice look!

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