Two new portraits of Mistress Ayn


This year I received two birthday portrait commissions for Mistress Ayn as her previous commission  had so delighted her.

The previous commissioner asked if it was possible this time to have…

a St Andrews cross with me dangling by chains
attached to my arms and legs like a puppet and to
represent my love I could be offering her
my heart

Though a real heart being offered would be possible to depict – anything is – it ran the risk of looking tasteless and even a bit cheesy. But I took the heart form and made a silver bondage frame to which he is attached, dangling as a puppet. A lever might allow it to be fixed into a set position or rotated as required. Mistress Ayn is ready with her bullwhip, dressed in riding breeches and thigh boots.


The second new portrait for Mistress Ayn from another commissioner shows her dressed in corset and RHT stockings dominating one of her slaves at her feet. While one thrusts deep within his mouth asphyxiating him, the other crushes down below, though not without leaving a tell-tale sign of excitement!

To receive two Sardax paintings on one birthday is an unusual and unexpected event!



Portrait of Mistress Ayn


This commission was originally conceived as a watercolour in the “classic” monochrome look but the subject suggested a bluish tone as if the scene is lit by moonlight.

It is evening.
Mistress Ayn from Atlanta, Georgia looks out at us, wearing a glamorous tight-fitting dress, as she leads her slave upstairs in an old mansion.
The light of the moon floods into the vestibule below.
The night’s pleasures await.

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