Instead of a photo…

For a number of reasons a pro-mistress may not always wish to reveal her face on the Net. There are ways of giving an impression about one’s looks without posting a clear image – blurring a photo, for instance, or wearing a hat in a disguising manner or even a mask. However a portrait can convey the personality of the sitter particularly well instead of a photo and is the perfect solution for one who wishes to keep her privacy while engaging her clientele. ms_elizabethswan Mistress Elizabeth Swan is a case in point. Photos cannot convey the liveliness of her expression and her sense of fun, and certainly not blurred ones. This commissioned portrait set out to do just that – so I tried to incorporate the smile, or rather the wicked grin that her clients rave about while also emphasising the attractiveness of her figure. But she can be serious too and the other preparatory sketch here gives an impression of her natural good looks in a more sedate pose.


Moreover with a portrait you can invent a completely fictitious setting, historically or geographically different from the standard photo shoot…and incidentally Mistress Swan does not possess such a crazy electrical device. But she’d use it if she did!

Mistress Elizabeth says… “I choose to hide my face for a few different reasons. One is the other work that I do when I’m not wielding a whip. I run workshops for vulnerable women and I write. Not displaying my face gives me a separation so I can dip my toe in all worlds and I get to keep my anonymity. But the main reason is I just don’t want to display my face on the beast that is the internet. Maybe I would have more clients if I did, or perhaps I would have less!  That is why Sardax’s portraits are so important for people in the business such as myself. He captured my personality perfectly but at the same time didn’t make me instantly recognisable. Which is exactly what I wanted. Also he can draw me in whatever setting his or my imagination can think of. Next up will be ‘A Dommes Progress’ which will be based on Hogarth’s work. But with a much happier ending! So if any of my clients/slaves would like to commission it let us know.”