Mistress Ezada’s special throne


The theme for this special portrait of Mistress Ezada was very unusual for me.
I have usually avoided the depiction of what is known as “hard sports” for the only reason that it almost always looks crude and demeaning – indeed to the mistress herself. I have never seen it handled sensitively even by top artists. So it had to be treated with delicacy and taste.

Seated on this bizarre throne, Mistress Ezada’s hand rests lightly on a handle connecting to a valve-shaped scoop, which on turning will release her wastes into the tube below, down to the tightly enclosed victim – who can however breath through the tube inserted above. Like some strange insect he has no freedom of moving his head. However his hands can serve the purpose of tearing off her monogrammed paper, the roll itself held up by another slave from a holder attached to a collar around his neck. A curtain veils this creature from view and prevents him from observing the intimate moment.

This is Mistress Ezada’s fifth commissioned portrait.

See her others by following the tag.

Ashtray fantasy

ashtray_artFor this commission I had a pretty open brief. The email said simply –

“My idea is a group of smoking Mistresses standing over a naked male ‎as they are about to flick their ash into his mouth.”

The only other unusual stipulation to this was that the victim wished for his head to be trapped in a car tyre – no problem!

So in fact rather than depict a chosen person – as is usual – I could choose anyone to draw as a model or simply make it up from imagination. As I was considering this and finding that a lot of London mistresses had actually given up smoking, the wonderful Romanian Mistress Ezada and her two compatriots Lady Yna and Mistress Lilse all happened to be in London and, as smokers themselves, were happy to pose for the drawing (see my sketches of them at the Femdom Ball) As an added twist I drew them in military outfit to add to the atmosphere of captivity.

See clips of these and other Romanian goddesses at Mistress Ezada’s House of Sinn


Mistress Ezada with the single tail whip


The latest Christmas portrait of Mistress Ezada


A Christmas present from her “slave in training”  (sit) who fittingly acts as her seat. See his blog

The portrait was inspired by Mistress Ezada’s trip to Costa Rica and her love of the single tail whip.

Mistress Ezada unveils her new portrait in front of the commissioner connected by Skype. She has surrounded herself with three previous portraits.



Sketching at the Femdom Ball

Much as I enjoy sitting at my work, escaping from the drawing-board once in a while is always a pleasure and Madame Caramel ‘s long-awaited Femdom Ball was a simply unmissable event . She had been preparing for this event for months and it was really one of the best-organised parties I’d ever attended. At a secret and very opulent location in Central London beautifully dressed mistresses gathered from all over the country to celebrate together with their male submissives/slaves. The rules were that while mistresses enjoyed themselves eating and drinking, the men were required to serve them in any capacity they pleased and were neither to eat nor to drink. As my own contribution I sketched three charming ladies from  Mistress Ezada’s House of Sinn , coming all the way from Romania for the event.

(You will recognise Mistress Ezada from other portraits on this site)

Photo by Bobette http://www.crossingtherubicon.co.uk

Now, on-the-spot portraits are unplanned and a leap in the dark – you never know how they will turn out and can be disappointing if they don’t work out well. But it’s a “party trick” for me by now, having made quite a few at London femdom “Pedestal” club and generally they don’t often turn out too badly. They sometimes miss accuracy but I try to convey the character. In this case I had a little champagne to help things along -which I was not really allowed “as a male” but well – artists need a little encouragement 🙂

Miss Tressa
Mistress Lilse
Lady Yna

Pleased to say that all three were very happy with their portraits and I look forward to the next party when I hope to perform a similar function.

The Gag Shop Re-enactment

In the post of 24th February  I wrote about a series of four drawings called “The Gag-shop” which featured four internationally renowned mistresses. In an unusual and wonderful development these same ladies – Mistress EzadaMistress Akella, Madame Catarina and Lady Victoria Valente  had the original thought of producing a custom photo session, together with videos, to re-enact the series.
I admit, when I first heard about this, I thought that it was a nice idea but nothing would come of it. For a start, all four mistresses have extremely busy schedules and it would be difficult to synchronise all in one place at one time. But to my surprise, as time passed the project was planned with such care and attention to detail that a time and location in Germany was indeed confirmed, convenient for all mistresses, and a professional photographer hired for the occasion. I grew more enthralled as I saw photographs of the props being made and heard reports of what was happening – and flattered too that unwittingly I had brought four mistresses together in a collaborative effort which has since led to them becoming not only partners but great friends too.

But to the photos.


Sardax Akella
No 1 – original painting

gagshop1_photoIn No. 1 Mistress Akella is walking down the street with a ‘dog’ on her leash carrying her purchases on his back. In the background is the gag-shop.


Sardax MEZ
No 2 – original painting

As we move into No. 2 we see Mistress Ezada Sinn looking in through the window of the shop, perhaps deciding which gag the dog beside her will be buying.


Sardax MC
No 3 – original painting

In No. 3 we have moved inside the shop and see Madame Catarina inspecting the various gags in the shop. There are some really exotic varieties here. In the background another lady has just bought some gags and the sales-assistant is wrapping them up for her.


Sardax LVV
No 4 – original painting

In No 4 we see that lady herself, Lady Victoria Valente looking menacingly at her own slave who has spilt her purchases all over the street. There will be consequences for him!In the background we glimpse Mistress Akella again which brings us satisfyingly round to the first frame again.

I was quite amazed at the result and hope you like them too. Please visit their sites for more information and photos:-

From left to right:

Lady Victoria Valente
Mistress Ezada Sinn
Madame Catarina
Mistress Akella

Studio 4

Please also see slavepj’s blog for more offshots and location photos .

The first portrait of Mistress Ezada

This was the first ever portrait of the beautiful Romanian mistress www.mistressezada.com


It was commissioned by that rare individual – the one who actually paid attention to what his Mistress wants.

While others were giving her what they thought she wanted…chocolates, wine, etc. or were giving her what they wanted…Victoria’s Secret lingerie, crazy high-heels, etc., “frank” listened to his Mistress and understood her hints.

A couple of years ago Mistress Ezada came to London and though we had arranged to meet and see some of the sights, in the event it rained all day and we ended up sitting in cafés. In the course of a far-ranging and remarkably pleasant chat I made two sketches of her.



She expressed her pleasure publicly at receiving these and ‘frank’ used his initiative to commission a full-size watercolour portrait of her as a surprise Christmas present. When he presented it to her the reaction was all he could have hoped.

 “In fact her face lit like the sun when she discovered what it was. She studied every detail  and wanted to know everything about the creation process. For me it was one of the happiest moments I ever had and I really want to thank you for this.”

Of course that encouraged the two other portraits already featured:-

Portrait of Mistress Ezada 1

Portrait of Mistress Ezada 2

Portrait of Mistress Ezada with single-tail whip

Isn’t there lady in your life who would love a unique Sardax portrait?

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