Portrait of Mistress Michelle Lacy 3


In this third portrait of Mistress Michelle Lacy  , dramatically dressed in red leather, she stands on a staircase in her mansion and points upwards, towards torments, or pleasures, or both.
Beneath her, tightly bound in leather and attached to her leash – a human drinks/candle holder.
In the background a glimpse of the games at Order of Indomitus – a pony-boy, a cart and a mistress whipping him.

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Portrait of Mistress Michelle Lacy 2

The first portrait of South Florida and New York based Mistress Michelle Lacy was so well received that the commissioner, her favourite “pony pet”, planned a companion piece for Christmas, but this time including himself standing to her left.
As in the first, another mistress rides a buggy in the background at Mistress Michelle’s fantastic open-air play Order of Indomitus 

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