Portrait of Mistress Venus 3

The third in the Mistress Venus series – see the others here and here – shows the hapless commissioner again in a modified maid’s costume, forced to inhale the aroma expelled by a huge “cafetiere” style cylinder of used stockings. The device is not only for stockings – socks and panties can equally be squeezed to extract the most delicious aroma.
Mistress Venus pushes down the plunger while recording his facial expression for posterity on her mobile phone.

Inspired by Sunday morning cup of coffee!

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Portrait of Mistress Venus 2

A while back I received a commission for an unusually shaped portrait of the legendary Mistress Venus .
She and the client were both happy with this and two more have followed since. The second one shows a fiendish piece of furniture into which the commissioner is firmly secured (dressed before as a maid). Around his head is strapped a leather nosebag stuffed full of the mistress’s fragrant stockings. On the wall hang others – equally as fragrant – belonging to Mistress Venus’s colleagues.
And what does Mistress Venus have in her hand? A remote control device that communicates to his lower organs, maybe, as we see by his petrified eyes above the nosebag and the amount of excitement collecting in the flask below.

Portrait of Mistress Venus 3

Portrait of Mistress Venus

mistress_venusMistress Venus is one of the legendary mistresses – the more mature of us may recall photos of her in the famous book of photography by Doris Kloster.

Mistress Venus photographed by Doris Kloster

I was pleased that my client, a slave of Mistress Venus for 20+ years, wished to give this unusually shaped portrait to her as a present. His brief was quite detailed but straightforward.
The client to the left in maid’s costume kneels with a gift of Louboutins on a tray with a Latin inscription meaning “always obedient”.
Another used and scuffed high heel is pressed and tightly attached to his head.
Mistress Venus is in a tightly fitting warden’s uniform and pulls him towards her on a leash. She wears Louboutin’s of course, too.
On a small table to the side, her used stockings tumble out of a box designated for the client.
The unusual circular form was requested by the client. It was not a problem to paint in such a shape but it may be a challenge for the framer.
I understand that Mistress Venus was very pleased with this present.

Portrait of Mistress Venus 2

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