Portrait of Ms Jaded Halo 3


In her cute pink uniform Ms Jaded Halo seems every inch the innocent student, ready for class.
But the setting is altogether more bizarre.
She stands in a strange cave, symbolic of the virtual arena where her slaves cluster enthralled by her, awaiting her attention, and there to provide her with any tribute she desires, accessible whenever she wishes from their grossly distended bellies, as they hang upside-down like spiders’ prey.
When she is finished with them she will prick them with a pin, to deflate the bulge.
One lies at her feet, a husk of his previous devoted existence.
This is the third portrait for Ms Jaded Halo, a larger size commissioned by one of her loyal admirers. She already possesses two smaller portraits.

Ms Jaded Halo’s site



Portrait of Ms Jaded Halo 1

Portrait of Ms Jaded Halo 2

Portrait of Ms Jaded Halo 2


Ms Jaded Halo loved her first portrait so much she wanted a mirror image to make a pair.

This time she is seated receiving a new pair of shoes on a platter from a worshipper while another delights in the ones she is now wearing. She sits beside a wall of security boxes containing other expensive brands, gifted to her by her legions of admirers, but only she possesses the key to open the boxes…and of course their hearts.

See Ms Jaded Halo’s site.


Portrait of Ms Jaded Halo 1


Portrait of Ms Jaded Halo, U.S. –  Ms Jaded Halo sits in her chambers about to apply lipstick . Before her two bellboy servants kneel in silence- one with tray of lipsticks and creams, the other with a tissue dispenser cap and a bin for their disposal. Behind a darkened window other admirers can only gaze and hope to gain her attention.

The framed artwork adored by Ms Jaded Halo’s submissive.

Portrait of Ms Jaded Halo 2

Portrait of Ms Jaded Halo 3